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International Yoga Day 2019: Shilpa Shettys Mango Pear Smoothie Bowl Recipe Is Perfect Pre-Yoga Breakfast (Watch Video)

International Yoga Day 2019 is celebrated across the country as well as by yoga enthusiasts around the world. The theme of the International yoga Day 2019, according to the decision of The United Nations, is “yoga for climate action”. This is the fifth annual celebration of the International Day of Yoga, and the first time the holiday was celebrated in ... Read More »

Safed Jamun: Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts About The Lesser Known Rose Apple (Bell Fruit)

In summer, there are Indian grocery stores and local fruit shops selling seasonal fruits and berries. Bright red watermelons and cherries, bright yellow mangoes and Sunny melons, green pears and grapes and purple-black jamoons. Spicy jamoons are perhaps the most famous summer desi fruit of all, second only to a number of mangoes that flood the markets. Jamuns are available ... Read More »

Hypertension Diet: Best Whole Grain Flours To Regulate Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is simply defined as the pressure of blood on the artery walls. There are two components of blood pressure-systolic blood PRESSURE and diastolic blood PRESSURE. Systolic blood PRESSURE is the upper number and represents the pressure that the heart generates when it pumps blood to the body, while diastolic blood PRESSURE is the lower number that represents the ... Read More »

Mushroom Nutrition: Benefits Of Mushrooms And Interesting Ways To Add Them To Your Diet

Edible mushrooms have been consumed by humans for centuries. These nutritious foods come in countless varieties, and although their popularity depends on price and availability, mushrooms are generally considered healthy. The popularity of edible mushrooms also depends on the lack of toxins and how seductive the taste and smell of certain types of mushrooms. From the most common porcini mushrooms ... Read More »

Moringa Tea: Fat Loss, BP Control And More Incredible Benefits Of This So-Called Miracle Tea

Moringa or drumsticks have been used in regional cuisines of the southern Indian States for millennia, but the world is only now heating up to it. From ‘wonder grass’ to ‘super-duper’, Moringa oleifera was announced back this summer with a number of titles and phrases that makes the Western world stupefy over it. The plant has been transformed into powders ... Read More »